Flux is a podcast about the pioneers building companies at the frontier of technology. This series of interviews goes beyond the soundbites, allowing some of the most interesting players in technology to share their insider expertise and explain the challenges they face in building the future.
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Jan 27, 2017

Matt Rendall is co-founder and CEO of Clearpath Robotics, a Canadian company automating dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. Clearpath manufactures and operates vehicles for warehouses and distribution centers – they are the self-driving car for indoor industrial tasks. Matt talks about how he made the jump from academia to business, Robotics as a Service, what automation means for jobs in the U.S., and his open letter against “killer robots.”

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Jan 20, 2017

Philip Rosedale is the founder and CEO of High Fidelity, a company providing the building blocks for virtual worlds. Phillip discusses how Virtual Reality parallels the early Web, what he learned from building the virtual civilization Second Life, what it means to move from 2D to 3D browsing, the importance of trustworthy digital identities and whether we are all in a simulation.

Jan 20, 2017

Micah Winkelspecht, founder and CEO of Gem, on how he fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole, how the crypto community has evolved, why our healthcare system is so dysfunctional, and why blockchain is the best solution.  

Jan 6, 2017

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